Nexus PFM Consulting works at the nexus or intersection between PFM or public financial management (i.e. how governments manage finances) and the work of elected, representative bodies such as parliament or sub-national legislatures. The premise of our work is that while the executive branch is responsible for the bulk of public financial management processes, elected bodies such as parliaments and sub-national legislatures have an important role to play in contributing to the budget process, advocating for improved fiscal and debt transparency and strengthening legal frameworks.

Nexus PFM conducts capacity assessments and provides training and technical assistance to not only diagnose but also strengthen the role of parliament in PFM. Areas of expertise include the role of parliament in oversight of public debt and the role of parliament in gender budgeting in addition to a more general expertise in strengthening parliament’s overall contribution to the budget process.


Founder and Principal Consultant

Geoff Dubrow is Founder and Principal Consultant at Nexus PFM Consulting. Geoff is a PFM expert with 20 years’ experience working with parliament to strengthen ex-ante scrutiny of the budget and ex-post oversight of Supreme Audit Institution reports. Geoff specializes in working with parliamentary oversight committees, including Public Accounts Committees (PACs). Working closely as an Associate with the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Geoff has pioneered a novel approach to assessing and supporting parliament’s legislative and oversight roles in public debt and public debt management. Geoff also specializes in the role of parliament in gender budgeting.


Co-collaborators are established professionals and experts who provide strategic advice and collaborate on implementing complex, multi-disciplinary projects for Nexus PFM clients. The list of co-collaborators will be released shortly.